Selling on Shopify?

Convert and retain more customers

Why take intentional control of growing your revenue?

Most online stores fail.

In fact, right now, it’s a good bet that:

  • More than 98% of your visitors leave without buying anything
  • Less than 10% come back to buy again
  • You’re spending more on customer acquisition than you have to

But you can change that, without risking big losses, by using data to drive decisions and ongoing improvement.


How can your Shopify store make more money?

There’s 3 levers to pull when you want more revenue to come out of the machine:

  • Improve the quality of your traffic (Marketing)
  • Convert more of the people who come to your site (Optimization)
  • Build lasting relationships with your customers (Retention)

You can do all of that with a simple process:

  1. Collect the right data
  2. Use data to make better decisions
  3. Act on what you know
  4. Collect more data (and money)

That’s the whole secret.

Not magic.

Not marketing guru bullshit.

Not magic tricks & promises in a YouTube pre-roll ad.

Just taking action while armed with better information.


Hi, I’m Ben. I help stores built on Shopify take control of their data, their growth, and their revenue.


Here’s a few ways I can help you:


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