I help Shopify merchants answer their most important question

How the hell do you make more money with your Shopify store?

The quality of your problems is a good indicator of how your business is doing.

So what kind of problems do you have?

Are you worried about missing out on sales, or wondering how you can keep inventory in stock?

Do you ask yourself about low conversion rates, or about being ready to run your business full-time?

When you solve the basic problems of making your Shopify store more profitable, you can improve the quality of your problems.

The result? Higher sales, higher profits, higher quality of life.

Who I am


Shopify merchants: I'm Ben Froedge. I help Shopify merchants build strong business that are profitable and sustainable.

I work hand-in-hand to help Shopify stores identify the most important actions they can take to make more money, create a plan of action, and then execute.

When you build a stronger Shopify store, you build a profitable and sustainable business that stands the test of time.

How do you do that?

  • With conversion-focused site design, you can entice more people to buy without needing to turn up the dial on your traffic volume.
  • With a revenue-capture strategy, you'll know for sure that you are selling as much as possible, without alienating your audience.
  • With a customer-centric email plan, you can create lifetime customers who spend more on your site, and send their friends and family your way, too.

You can build build higher:

  • Conversion rates
  • Average order values
  • Customer lifetime values


How I help Shopify stores


Shopify Strategy

The biggest problem I hear from every Shopify merchant is overwhelm.

When you want to grow a brand, there are some many choices. So many tools, tactics, and apps. How do you know where to start? Where to go? What to choose?

By setting goals, and creating a strategic plan that helps you reach those goals.

Once you know what you are going to do, everything else is just executing, measuring, and adjusting... and counting money.


Conversion Rate Optimization

The first rule of Shopify club is... your site has to convert.

That seems like a basic rule, but a lot of great products die because the sites selling them aren't built with a laser-focus on converting visitors into buyers.

By focusing your site on giving your customers a great experience and all the information they need to make a purchase decision, you can boost your conversion rates and profitability.


Email Marketing

You aren't the old general store. You can't build strong relationships. You can't sell more by making recommendations based on how well you know your customers.

Except, yes, you can.

Email is the best and most profitable communications channel for Shopify stores if you know how to use it.


Content and Copy

This is the internet, so 90% of the time, words are all you have to communicate your message and create customers.

So the way you use your words is insanely important to your business. The copy on your sites pages, your product descriptions, your emails and content marketing is absolutely critical to get right.

There is a Grand Canyon sized hole between your brand and your customers. You have to use your words to build a bridge that they can cross to get to you.


This is AMAZING. I can't thank you enough for doing this! I have taken everything that you have sent to heart and have started implementing. And I signed up for your newsletter!

Elise Walker DeCamp

Owner, Ocelot Market

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