I help Shopify merchants answer their most important question

Do you want to know...

  • Where to focus your time and energy to grow your profits?
  • Which marketing channels are worth investing in?
  • What tools you should use, and how to implement them?
  • How to make changes to your site that make it better, instead of just different?

Or, put another way:

How the hell do you make more money with your Shopify store?

Of course you do, because any one of these would lead to more sales and more profit for your business. But how do you make those decisions in a way that reduces risk and avoids going down the wrong path?

  1. Think strategically- Don't base important decisions on guesswork or someone else's best practices.
  2. Use data- Give yourself the best starting point by using data to inform each and every move
  3. Move methodically- "Move fast and break things" is stupid advice. Make your moves carefully and measure the results.

How I help Shopify stores


Shopify Strategy

The biggest problem I hear from every Shopify merchant is overwhelm.

When you want to grow a brand, there are some many choices. So many tools, tactics, and apps. How do you know where to start? Where to go? What to choose?

By setting goals, and creating a strategic plan that helps you reach those goals.


Conversion Rate Optimization

The first rule of Shopify club is... your site has to convert.

That seems like a basic rule, but a lot of great products die because the sites selling them aren't built with a laser-focus on converting visitors into buyers.

Conversion-focused design and messaging makes your site into a revenue-generating sales machine


Automated Email Marketing

You aren't the old general store. You can't build strong relationships. You can't sell more by making recommendations based on how well you know your customers.

Except, yes, you can.

Email is the best and most profitable communications channel for Shopify stores if you know how to use it.


Ben Froedge

Shopify Growth Consultant
Shopify store owners: I'm Ben Froedge. I help single operator and small-team Shopify stores build strong, profitable businesses. I work hand-in-hand to help Shopify stores identify the most important actions they can take to make more money, create a plan of action, and then execute.

This is AMAZING. I can't thank you enough for doing this! I have taken everything that you have sent to heart and have started implementing. And I signed up for your newsletter!

Elise Walker DeCamp

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