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Shopify product pages that convert

Your product pages are the final step in turning visitors into customers. Are yours doing their best work?

What makes a great Shopify hompage?

What should a homepage do for your business? What makes for a great homepage? Do's, don'ts, and a breakdown.
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Google Analytics for Shopify: Common Errors and How to Fix Them

Google Analytics for Shopify: Common Errors and How to Fix Them Ben FroedgeShopify Growth Specialist Google Analytics data is a valuable tool that helps us make better decisions. We need to know how to market to the best customers. We need to make our stores better at selling. Analytics data is a great tool to…
Put the key in kewords

Finding Your Keywords When Google Analytics Says They’re “Not Provided”

Getting traffic from search, but don't know where it's coming from? Mine your data to get at your mystery keywords.
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Google Analytics goals for Shopify

Should you be using Google Analytics goals, or just relying on enhanced ecommerce to tell you what you need to know?

Revenue capture strategy: What it is and why you need to define one for your business.

If you want more sales for your Shopify store and more money coming into your pockets, you've got to make it happen. Make a plan for where that money is going to come from.
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3 characteristics of strong Shopify stores

What makes a store strong? What do stores that last for years and make big sales numbers do differently than those that fizzle out?

The importance of customer relationships

How do you relate to your customers? Do you give them a reason to come back and see you often? Intentionally cultivate a relationship with your best buyers.

Goals, Strategies, Tactics, Tools, Metrics

Understanding the basics of how you can accomplish a goal before you get started means that you won’t get discouraged or sidetracked along the way.
Leaks in your Shopify Funnel header image

Find and fix your revenue leaks

What holds you back from making as much money as you want from your Shopify store? Learn why your bucket isn't filling up and what you can do about it.

3 Types of Customers

If you want to increase your revenue, focus on the groups of people who make up your customer base. Those who have already bought are your best chance.

How do you build a stronger Shopify business?

Build a strong and sustainable business that remains profitable for the long-haul. Put your Shopify store on a strong foundation, starting right now.

What kind of message are you sending to your buyers?

When you write anything public-facing for your site, you should be thinking about what its purpose is and how it’s going to drive your visitors towards a purchase.

Heatmap mistakes

Are heatmaps worth using? How do they fit into an optimization strategy?

What’s involved in conversion rate optimization for a Shopify store?

What are you actually doing when you try to improve your conversion rates? What does the work really look like in practice?

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (and why should you care?)

What is conversion rate optimization? Why should it be a priority for your store? Find out the basics without needing to bust out your business dictionary.
4 stars and a heart review

Use Buyer Reviews For Better Marketing

Reviews can be the perfect resource to find out what your customers want in their own words.

3 ways E-commerce Brands Can Thrive In The Age Of Amazon

It's getting harder to compete with the giants of E-commerce, but don't count the little guys out yet.

Way Beyond Blogging: Use Content To Solve Business Problems

Content is more than marketing. You can lower return rates, increase retention rates, and do a lot more than just write blog posts.

Why do shoppers abandon carts? (and what can you do to convert them?)

Don't rely on just one method to fix cart abandonment. Get to the roots of the problem and solve it for good.
Great Tetris Play Feature Image

Business Tetris

Good Tetris play mirrors the way you build a solid foundation for your eCommerce marketing. Building a solid foundation lets you rack up higher scores.
BB8 will send your email

Send Automated Emails To Print Money

Learn how your online store can send automated emails that actually generate revenue.
A shopping cart left to die in the concrete jungle

Send Revenue Reclaiming Abandoned Cart Emails

You are missing out on a big opportunity. Here's a primer on what you should be doing about abandoned carts via quick and easy email automation.
Coffee and a thank you note

Post Purchase Emails And Life After Checkout

Keep revenue flowing by using the time after a sale is made to give your best customer service and establish lasting relationships.
Fans with brand tattoos

You Don’t Want customers. You Want Fans.

Customers buy something once. Fans buy over and over again. They tell other people about you. They pre-order, and they buy collections and archives. Fans.
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Speak Your Buyer’s Language

Talk about the things that matter to your buyers. Speak their language and make more sales.

Making a Real Brand

Your brand is so much more than a logo or a set of colors. What goes into building a real brand and how can you make it work for you?