Resources to help Shopify merchants reach higher profits

Are you a Shopify merchant looking to grow your business and make more money?

This page is loaded with an ever-growing list of resources to help you build a stronger business. A business that will be profitable and successful for the long-term. A business that will let you live the kind of life you want.

Make your Shopify site better at selling products

Upgrade your Shopify business with email marketing

If you aren't using automated, behavior-triggered emails, you are missing out on the best tool you've got to build profitable relationships with your customers.


Getting to know your customers

People buy based on how well what you offer meets their needs and wants. That means you have to know how they think and talk about those wants and needs. You need to know what they tell their friends when they recommend your products and what they type into the search bar when they want to buy.

Get better at selling with words

This is the internet. You've got to work with what you've got to communicate with customers. That means the written (typed) word. The more effectively you communicate, the more effectively you profit.


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