Make your Shopify site better at selling products

You got into business to make money, and that only happens when you sell product. 

That means conversion rate optimization should be one of your top priorities. Effective CRO is not a magic wand or a bag of tricks. It's an ongoing, information-based process that makes your Shopify store better at making money for you.

CRO in 3 seconds:

  • Continual, iterative process
  • Driven by data and research
  • Best practices are only a starting point

Find and fix your revenue leaks

What holds you back from making as much money as you want from your Shopify store? Learn why your bucket isn't filling up and what you can do about it.

Heatmap mistakes

Are heatmaps worth using? How do they fit into an optimization strategy?

What are the big pieces of conversion rate optimization work?

What are you actually doing when you try to improve your conversion rates? What does the work really look like in practice?

Ocelot Market Breakdown

Ocelot Market is a store with awesome products and low sales. We'll explore causes and potential fixes for their poor conversion rates.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (and why should you care?)

What is conversion rate optimization? Why should it be a priority for your store? Find out the basics without needing to bust out your business dictionary.