Getting to know your customers

Customer research informs everything else you do. Your CRO work, marketing, emails, content... Since everything centers around your customers, knowing about them and what makes them tick is a must.

Building  solid customer relationships will help you stay profitable for the long term. Repeat customers and raving fans will drive you further than any ads.

Research and Relationships in 3 seconds:

  • Repeat customers are more valuable
  • Brand advocates market for you
  • Understanding drives all improvement

The importance of customer relationships

How do you relate to your customers? Do you give them a reason to come back and see you often? Intentionally cultivate a relationship with your best buyers.

Use Buyer Reviews For Better Marketing

Reviews can be the perfect resource to find out what your customers want in their own words.

You Don’t Want customers. You Want Fans.

Customers buy something once. Fans buy over and over again. They tell other people about you. They pre-order, and they buy collections and archives. Fans.