Get better at selling with words

This is the internet. You don't get to meet the people you sell to. You can't look them in the eye and shake their hand. That means that words and pictures are the only tools you have to earn the trust of your visitors. If you want more customers, you have to write effectively.

I'm graphically challenged, so you are on your own with the pictures part. Maybe I can do something about the words, though.

Writing in 3 seconds:

  • 99% about the customer
  • Do your homework first
  • Focus on ONE goal

What kind of message are you sending to your buyers?

When you write anything public-facing for your site, you should be thinking about what its purpose is and how it’s going to drive your visitors towards a purchase.

Way Beyond Blogging: Use Content To Solve Business Problems

Content is more than marketing. You can lower return rates, increase retention rates, and do a lot more than just write blog posts.

Speak Your Buyer’s Language

Talk about the things that matter to your buyers. Speak their language and make more sales.