Privacy Policy

I’m going to be completely honest and forthright about something here: Because of new EU privacy laws, I have to provide you with information about how I use any data I collect on you.

I am not allowed to use legal terminology to hide my intentions or actions. That is just as well, because I know as much about legal terminology as I do quantum physics: Just enough to sound like an idiot if I try to talk about it.

I help Shopify stores use data to market to their customers. But in my own marketing, I barely collect any data whatsoever.

Why? Because it doesn’t make sense for my business model. I don’t care or need a lot of data. I only need the bare minimum to communicate with my readers and see how my site is working.

If you read this site or see my social media streams, you already know more about me than I know about you, unless you become a client. Then we know and like each other, and I am still not collecting a bunch of digital data about you.


What information is collected?

If you are a site visitor

Google Analytics knows that someone was here, and it sees what pages that someone went to. If you buy a product or engage me for services, it knows that someone did so.

GA doesn’t connect that to you as a individual, and I don’t care. I’ll be too happy doing a happy dance because I have helped someone and they have given me money for it.

It does not collect your IP address, it does not know anything about you, and neither do I. I’ve done everything I can think of to anonymize that data, because I don’t want to do anything dastardly or nefarious with it, and I also don’t want to be fined $10,000,000,000,000 by the EU nanny state.


If you sign up for the rambly newsletter I write

Drip, my email service provider records the following

I collect this staggering amount of data on you in order to be able to send you advice and every once in a while ask you a question or advertise the fact that I am launching a new product or service (never as individuals, always as a whole group of subscribers or a subset determined by filters).


If you become a customer or client

A record of that is created and kept for… record keeping. I never see or keep your credit card information, I never know anything more about you than what you tell me or we discuss.

If you pay me, it is always handled by either Gumroad (Ebooks and other products), or Quickbooks/Stripe (Invoice payments for services/Paid calls).

Information about your business and our work together is stored either in Trello or Google services such as Drive or Gmail. This is simple information that I need to do my work. It is purely the information you give me, stored in “Cloud” services that are provided by secure, reputable companies.

I never store anything about you on my private computer or other devices.

I also never create some immense profile on you or your business beyond what we need to work together. Being that creepy sounds like it would take a lot of work, and I’m not up for it.


What do I do with your data.

Use it to provide you with products and services. That’s it.

If I help you sign up and onboard for Shopify or Klaviyo or something, that’s as close as it comes to selling anyone your data, and that is done with your knowledge and consent.

I make my living by selling products and services that help people. I have never sold someone else’s private data and have no desire too. In the event that I refer you to another service provider for help, you will be informed before any information is given.

Selling your email or personal information would be scummy and an invasion of your privacy. I take marketing ethics and privacy seriously.


Where is the data stored?

What little data I collect is stored within the services I mention in part 1. In secure cloud services linked to my business Google account. I am the only person in this business, which means no one else has access to your information and I am far too lazy to do anything bad with it.


Can I remove my data?

Yes. If you don’t want me to know anything about you anymore, you can request to be deleted from my records. If you are a paying customer or client, I have to keep financial records for my own business purposes.

Other than that, I can delete you from my email list. That’s literally all I’ve got. Sorry if that is disappointing to you.


Do I share your personal information?


Who would I share it with? I don’t sell it, and when I talk to my wife about my work, she manages to feign interest for a few minutes because she loves me for some odd reason. Then she slowly starts sneakily looking at Instagram on her phone because I am nerding out and she is bored.