Services to strengthen your Shopify store

No hourly billing, no over-budget, no surprises.

Just help growing your Shopify store.

Conversion optimization for your Shopify store

Conversion-Focused Teardown- $750

What it is: The first step to optimize your store to make more money

Who it's for: Shopify stores that want to pick the low-hanging fruit and start optimizing.

Getting traffic, but not seeing the conversion rate you want?

Boost your sales with a conversion-focused deep dive on what works and what doesn't with your store design. Find out how you can turn your site into your best salesperson.

Analytics Audit and Setup- $1250

What it is: A complete setup of your data-collection tools to make sure you're getting clean, accurate data to make your decisions.

Who it's for: Shopify stores who want to arm themselves with solid data in the fight for more revenue.

Start collecting the data you need to optimize your conversion and marketing strategies.

I'll get you prepared with a full Google Analytics and Tag Manager setup, as well as guiding you on how to conduct your own user research.

Growth Foundation- $2500

What it is: The perfect starting point for serious, ongoing optimization of your design and marketing.

Who it's for: Shopify stores that are serious about taking their conversion and marketing strategy to the next level.

Even when you've had initial success, it's hard to KNOW what to do to to keep growing. There are so many strategies, tactics, and tools that it's impossible to know what's right for your business.

Growth Groundwork eliminates the questions by giving you the tools you need to know where your weak points are, what your visitors are doing on-site. and what you need to do to grow your bottom line.

  • Conversion-focused teardown of your site
  • Analytics audited and fully setup
  • Growth roadmap for your store
  • Interpretation and advice on your first month of analytics data collection


Growth Groundwork is a $2500 investment that makes it clear what you should do RIGHT NOW, and makes it easier to continue your success into the future.

eCommerce Strategy

Shopify Growth Call

Have questions about how to grow your Shopify store? Get answers to your biggest questions about ecommerce growth and marketing.

If you want to avoid hours of research and trial & error, book a 1-on-1 call to get the answers you need.

Revenue Growth Roadmap- $950

What it is: A documented plan you can use to grow your business. What is and isn't working, what you should do next, and where you are missing out on money right now.

Who it's for: Shopify stores that are ready to tackle growth head-on.

The Revenue Roadmap gives you directions to the higher revenues and stronger Shopify business you want. You'll get answers to your questions and an in-depth roadmap to guide your way.

Strategy Retainer

Want someone to make you waffles? Help to grow your online store? Answer the questions that keep you awake at night? Accomplish your business goals?

Becoming a strategy retainer client means I am always there for you to depend on. You can reach out to me for help and answers at any time, and I'll answer within 24 hours (within 90 minutes during business hours).

I'm here to help with all of it. Except the waffles. There no waffles (unless you come visit, which seems like a stretch just for my ok-at-best waffles). But there are answers to your Shopify problems.


$1200 per month


$3200 per quarter

Shopify Email Marketing Services

Automated Email Marketing

Email is one of the most powerful tools you have to reach your customer. Klaviyo is the most powerful email platform for eCommerce. Some stores see as high as 30% revenue growth, just by adding a few email automation sequences to their marketing stack.

At the most basic level, you'll get:

  • Fully-configured Klaviyo account
  • Abandon cart sequence
  • Post-purchase sequence
  • Customer survey/review collection
  • New signup sequence
  • More sales and higher customer retention


Autopilot email revenue services start at a $2000 investment.

If nothing you see here catches your attention, you can fill out a new client application here, or just shoot me a message through the contact page.