Services to strengthen your Shopify store

No hourly billing, no over-budget, no surprises.

If nothing you see here catches your attention, you can fill out a new client application here, or just shoot me a message through the contact page.

Revenue Growth Roadmap- $500

Want to grow your Shopify revenues, but don't know where to start? It's overwhelming trying to decipher what metrics you should pursue, what tools and tactics to use, what to do next.

  • What matters for your store?
  • What are the high-impact actions that will get you to your goals?
  • What path should YOU take to create a sustainable, profitable business with your Shopify store?

The Revenue Roadmap gives you directions to the higher revenues and stronger Shopify business you want. You'll get answers to your questions and a roadmap to guide your way.

Improve your Shopify conversion rates

Conversion-Focused Teardown- $300

Getting traffic, but not seeing the conversion rate you want?

Pick the low-hanging fruit and get started on the path to more sales with this video teardown and report focused on making your site into your best salesperson.

Growth Groundwork- $2,250

KNOW what you need to do to optimize your site instead of operating on uninformed guesswork.

You'll get the tools you need to know where your weak points are, what your visitors are doing on-site. and what you need to do to grow your bottom line.


Generate More High-Quality Traffic

Automated Email Marketing $2000-$2500

Email is one of the most powerful tools you have to reach your customer. Klaviyo is the most powerful email platform for eCommerce.

Get back your abandoned carts, create long-time customers, and increase your average order value.  Take advantage of email automation and grow your revenue by up to 20%.

Content and Copywriting

Already have your marketing strategy in place and need a writer who understands your needs to help get your project done?

I'm available for custom copy and content writing engagements. If you want to create web copy, educational content, email sequences, or anything else you need to drive revenue for your business, I'm your writer.

eCommerce Strategy

Strategy Call- $250

Have questions? Need insight into a specific problem? Not sure how to move forward with your marketing?

Book a 1-on-1 call to discuss your problems and get the answers you need.

Strategy Retainer- $650/month or $1800/quarter

Want someone to make you waffles? Help to grow your online store? Answer the questions that keep you awake at night? Accomplish your business goals?

I'm here to help with all of it. Except the waffles. There no waffles. But there are answers to your Shopify problems.

Strategy Partnerships

Are you looking for a partner to take on growth while you focus on operations? Want to bring in someone who knows eCommerce while you do the things you do the best?

Let's talk