Klaviyo Email Automation

Use Klaviyo to segment and target your customers with laser-guided precision emails

What's so great about automated email marketing?

It’s a sack of money just waiting for you to come along and pick it up.

What sucks about automated email marketing?

Setting it up is complicated, annoying, and time-consuming.

So what should you do?

Hire me to set up your Klaviyo email automation so that you can pick up that sack of money fast, without doing anything that is complicated, annoying, and time-consuming.

You'll soon be sending out personalized, targeted emails to your customers. The kind of emails that result in a lot of money for your store.

How does email help your store?

Glad you asked.

The problem with the emails you receive from most stores is that they are boring. Really boring. They are part of a mass broadcast campaign and every single person on the list gets the same email.

Most of those emails get deleted faster than your favorite Game of Thrones character.


Because they don’t matter to the person reading them. They feel impersonal and irrelevant because... they are impersonal and irrelevant.

The power to make money from email comes from making your emails…

  1. Personalized
  2. Relevant
  3. Action-Oriented

Once you’re sending email that gets opened and actually gets your customers to take action, you can see as much as 10-20% revenue growth without any other changes.

Where does the money come from?

I mentioned that the emails are triggered by things that your site visitors either do or don’t do.

  • When they abandon a cart, you get them to come back and finish their purchase
  • If they make a purchase, you offer them a chance to buy other best sellers
  • You invite them back to check out your new stuff when they haven’t been around in a while.
  • Once they have their offer, you offer customer support and a chance to leave a review.

The money comes from sending emails that are personalized and relevant to the person receiving them, and actually make sense for where they are in their relationship to your store.

Why Klaviyo

Klaviyo was literally built for eCommerce stores, and it shows:

  • Built-in eCommerce flows like cart recovery and buyer win-back
  • On-site user tracking to inform segmenting and recommendations
  • Facebook audience targeting integration
  • Reporting that focuses on sales and revenue instead of just opens and clicks

Klaviyo knows exactly what online stores need to make the most of email marketing, so they give it to you.

Ecommerce Email Starter


  • Onboarding/New signup
  • Abandoned Cart Sequence
  • Post-purchase Sequence
  • Customer Win-back
  • Upsell/Cross-sell

Advanced Ecommerce Automation

Starting at $2500

  • Onboarding/New signup
  • Abandoned Cart Sequence
  • Post-purchase Sequence
  • Customer Win-back
  • Upsell/Cross-sell
  • Review Requests
  • Email Survey
  • & More

What do you get?

You get an automated email marketing system that will produce more sales and more revenue for your Shopify store.

I'll get you signed up and through the onboarding process with Klaviyo, or you can do it yourself right here.

Either way, once your signed up, we'll integrate Klaviyo with your eCommerce platform, load up your email list, and start creating revenue generating emails.

I'll set up several sequences, triggered automatically by your customer's behavior.

  • When a known customer leaves their purchase unfinished, we'll send them a few little nudges to bring them back around and finish their checkout with an abandoned-cart sequence.
  • When someone new signs up to your subscriber list, we'll welcome them to the family and invite them to make their first purchase.
  • When someone makes the great decision to buy from you, we'll follow up their order with a post-purchase sequence.
  • If you start missing any of your customers, we'll send a win-back email or two and get them back on-site and browsing.
  • Once your buyers have their order, we'll ask them to rate and review the items they purchase.
  • Last but not least, we'll run a survey of your buyer list to gain deeper insight into their motivations for buying. This will be a goldmine for any marketing and CRO work you do, and would pay back my fees all by itself.


Do you want to know more?

Great! You can find many ways to contact me here. Feel free to ask any questions you have.