The guide to grow you Shopify store on purpose

Welcome to the next step in your brand's lifecycle

I want you to take your store, and intentionally build it into a strong & durable source of profit.

I want you to do that by using the data that your customers are throwing at you all the time and turning it into better decisions.

To help you do that, this guide starts with a high-overhead view of how you can make it happen. As you go deeper into each topic, we’ll get more into the tactics, tools, and hows of doing the work on a daily basis.

Using data to optimize isn’t always easy, and can get really complicated. But just using basic principles will get you most of the results. 80/20 principle applies here.

I’ll keep updating and expanding the guide to cover new questions, new technology, and eventually make this an easy way for you to learn all the stuff that myself & others had to learn the hard way. Anytime my own knowledge fails, or I find valuable insights from others, I’ll share those as well.

“The most basic idea of strategy is the application of strength against weakness. Or if you prefer, strength applied to the most promising opportunity…A good strategy doesn’t just draw on existing strength; it creates strength.”

Richard Rumelt, Good Strategy, Bad Strategy

This Guide

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