Speak Your Buyer’s Language

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Talk about the things that matter to your buyers. Speak their language and make more sales.

How do your customers think and speak about their needs?


Do you know what words customers use when they talk about and search for your products?

Do they match the way you talk about what you offer? Do they match the way you are positioning your business?

If those things aren’t aligned, you could be missing out on a lot of traffic from the people who would otherwise buy from you.


You own an online store, and you sell drills.

Your homepage has many pictures of the wonderful drills you sell. Your headline proudly proclaims “Best drills on the internet!”. And it’s true, you sell wonderful drills. So your copy, your marketing, your social media all center around the fact that you sell drills.


Here’s the problem:

A segment of your target audience knows that they want a drill. But that is only part of the total buying audience that you could be capturing. And there is a good chance they already have a brand loyalty when it comes to drills. They may already love you, or be struck on a competitor.

You either already have their business, or you’ll likely never get it. So targeting that audience likely won’t get you many new buyers.

There are other people who know that they want to be able to hang pictures, make furniture, or build birdhouses with their kids.

What is the best tool for their job? They may know that they need a drill, but they may not. Maybe they’re not sure if they need a drill, a hammer, a screwdriver, or a wrench.


How do you capture that market segment?

When it comes to marketing to that segment of potential buyers, you need to speak their language. You don’t want to talk to them about drills, you want to talk to them about the ability to do the projects they want.

You are selling those people a picture hanging on the wall, a furniture project they have completed, or a memory of building a birdhouse with their child.


Use customer language. Address customer concerns. Take the money they want to give you.

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